Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stargate meets the Body Snatchers - Light Speed!

I emerged from the tunnel of amber colored rock, which now opens to a large, cavernous room of rock similar to the tunnel behind me. About 15 paces in front of me appears a large gap in the ground, horizontally stretching end to end in this cavern with no clear way around. At the far end of this room, past the gap in the floor, there appears to be several large markings in the center of the stone wall. As I walk into the room, I can start to make out some of the markings on the far wall. It appears to have several V patterns in the center of the wall, which looks like a large door consisting of multiple layers of stone, and just above these V-like markings appears a symbol, an eye. As I get closer to the now gaping chasm in the floor, a wave of horror overwhelms my body as I understand, now that it is too late, that life exists within the hole, and I am to become its meal. Three pod-like plants emerge with large, thick green tentacles that lash out, and at once constrict my body movement. These tentacles lift me off the ground, and I am launched into the air above the pit of these seemingly carnivorous plants. With my body suspended in the air, and my feet lifted above my head, the blood begins to rush to my head. I stare at the pit below and look into the mouth of the plant, and begin my useless struggle against the tentacles of the beast. I am startled by the noise of stone grinding against stone, causing me to slightly shift my view to the entrance, and I now see the stone doors are opening. A glow of blue white light appears, like a lake covering the wall, and these waves of light are in striking distance, that’s of course, if I could move my arms. As the doors completely open, this energy, an electric blue water of energy glows, and so does the eye above the pool of heavenly water. I am suddenly tossed toward this glowing door, and all the while the tentacles of this beast stay tightly wrapped around my legs. I hit this reflection pool head on, and then nothing.

Memories float in my mind, and I feel my body float above this cavernous room. I am birthed across space, time or altered perspectives of reality to a world of… chapter 2

If you would like to hear the rest of the story click here. Notes by the author: we can only imagine the body on this side of the portal is consumed by the pod-like creature, not just for nourishment, but to absorb the bio signature of the creature (me) to be transported. The pool of energy on the wall absorbed the neurochemical signature of the creature, and buffered it to be used in conjunction with the bio signature during transport. Birthed ‘on the other side’, we have another pod, and just like the ‘body snatchers’ movie, we see a creature of the same neurochemical, and biological signature birthed, ready to explore this new perspective of reality. Our skin, shed, and we have a symbiotic relationship between the pod-like creature, and the transported creature. Are we not a bio, neurochemical signature?

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